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Texas Nursing License Actions #2: Document, document, document

You can file today’s report on a Texas Board of Nursing license disciplinary action under the moniker “If you don’t document it, you didn’t do it”.  The story after the jump:

New feature – Weekly report on nursing license actions in Texas #1: Throwing your license away

I introduce a new feature today; one I will add too on a weekly basis.  I am going to look at the reports of the disciplinary and eligibility committee hearings and choose some instructive cases (they won’t be my cases yet, of course, as I am still awaiting my bar exam results!) and reporting on…

Blowback from Tort Reform: more complaints to the state licensing board?

Taralyn Mackay, in her blog “A Nurse Attorney’s Thoughts,” reports on this gem from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing regarding the impact of tort reform on nurses (and other healthcare providers, presumably):

Playing hide the bullet – will there be action against this physician’s license? Probably not – but if it was a nurse? You betcha!

In her blog, Nursing Law & Order, LaTonia Denise Wright posed an interesting question related to a case out of Tampa, Florida where a trauma surgeon took a bullet out of a patient (who was shot by police, no less!) and kept it as a souvenir.  The question she posed is what would happen if…