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Death panels v. end of life counseling

Well, someone did ask Johnny Isakson (R-Ga).  And the situation is actually worse than they thought . . . well, not really, but who is counting when the truth is not an object.  Jonathon Cohn has an excellent post that explains what the Senator Isakson wanted (mandatory counseling on end of life issues vs the…

On the value of a human life: Peter Singer in today’s NY Times

Say what you will about Peter Singer, but this is an argument that you can’t ignore.  There are several parts to highlight, but pay special attention to the discussion at the end of confidence in the healthcare system (Canadians and Brits, despite overt rationing, have more confidence in their healthcare systems than we do in…

AMA comes out in support of House Health Care Bill

Wow is all I can say.  Read the letter from Michael Maves, the CEO of the American Medical Association to Charles Rangel.  Makes you forget the days when the AMA opposed Medicare as a socialist plot against America. Marc