Palmetto GBA Home Health Notice – Overpayment Demand Letters with reason code 7INAP

This is a notice from Palmetto GBA to Juridiction 11 Home Health Agencies regarding overpayment demand letters with a code 7INAP. If you receive one of these letters, you need to consider your options in an expeditious manner as there are deadlines for filing appeals!

The text of the notice:

Some home health providers are receiving overpayment demand letters as a result of adjusted claims with reason code 7INAP. The adjusted claims are based on the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) final report, ‘Inappropriate and Questioning Billing by Medicare Home Health Agencies’ (OEI-04-11-00240). As explained in the overpayment demand letter, the provider does have the right to appeal the overpayment. This article provides tips on appealing the overpayment. Please share with appropriate staff.

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