Texas Board of Nursing Makes Some Technical Changes to the Educational Rules

The Texas Board of Nursing published some technical changes in the Texas Register on Friday.  The changes are advertised to be mostly cosmetic, but there are two areas that bear noting:

  • The rule changes for both Vocational Nursing and Professional Nursing programs are purported to emphasize the importance of live, hands-on, faculty supervised clinical practice; and
  • The rule changes for the Vocational Nursing programs include a provision that the director of the program must have taught in a pre-licensure nursing program for at least one year.

All in all, these seem to be fairly straightforward changes and in some cases (the director of vocational programs), it seems to be quite logical, though the reasons that many programs have been moving to simulations is the lack of opportunities for live patient encounters.  I will wait and see if there is any commentary on this matter, but I don’t expect much.


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