US News article highlights the dangers of DIY Estate Planning

In an online article posted June 29, writer Kimberly Palmer highlights some of the issues surrounding do-it-yourself estate planning.  The interesting part of this article is the defense of DIY estate planning by the general counsel for LegalZoom.  The defense seems to be something along the lines of “well, the documents are better than no documents at all.”  That doesn’t seem to be a strong argument to me – nor does it seem to be a strong argument to the author, who notes:

“There are plenty of lawyers who disagree with him: “Unless you are single and have absolutely no money,” says Brooklyn-based estate planning and tax lawyer Hani Sarji, you need an estate planner, because people tend to make mistakes when they fill out their own forms online. “People might get a false sense of security from DIY estate planning,” Sarji adds, and answering one question incorrectly or overlooking something such as appointing a guardian for children can lead to major problems down the road.”

For healthcare providers (especially physicians), this should be obvious, but I am sure there are a few of you out there that need estate planning.  Contact Marc to discuss options available!


h/t to Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof blog

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