Don’t call the board every week . . .

Or even every two weeks.  LaTonia Denise Wright, my colleague practicing in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, points this out in her latest post on her blog, Nursing Law & Order.  Calling the board often is not going to expedite your case because there is a process and the Board of Nursing is going to follow that process.  Short of choosing to give your license up (which I don’t recommend in any situation except a felony conviction that is going to make you a guest of the state or federal government for several years), nothing is going to get your case pulled out of the line and put on the top of the pile.

In Texas, the Board of Nursing investigators send out a generic letter every three months to all active cases stating that the board action will take a minimum of 6 – 12 months.   According to some of my Texas colleagues, the Texas Board of Nursing is now at full strength in terms of investigators and attorney’s, so I understand they are litigating cases at increased rates – much less negotiation than in the past.  I haven’t seen it yet with my cases, but I can feel it coming.

I know in this time of tight economics, those who have lost jobs and have board actions as a result are at an extreme disadvantage.  My advice to those in this situation is simple -cast your net over a broader area.  Consider different practice areas and different types of employers.  And keep trying, because there are some employers out there who are hiring.  Get involved with nursing organizations, get to know other nurses and get out in the community.  You will always have better luck if there is someone who can vouch for you personally.

If you have a case before the Texas Board of Nursing, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment to meet to discuss your situation.  I do charge for these initial meetings ($100; it is fully applicable to the fee if you do decide to engage my representation), but even if this meeting is the only consultation you do with an attorney, you will at least come away with an understanding of the process and a frank assessment of your options.  Click here for my contact information.

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