New prescription writing rules for Advanced Practice RN’s

In the November 27th edition of the Texas Register, the Texas Board of Nursing has proposed amendments to the rules for prescription writing for those Advanced Practice Nurses with Prescriptive Authority.

  • Amend and add new definitions to Chapter 222;
  • Eliminate references to “provisional authorization” throughout Chapter 222;
  • Clarify the content requirements of a Clinical Nurse Specialist’s course work;
  • Clarify the content requirements of a prescription for a controlled substance;
  • Clarify the circumstances under which an APRN may issue a prescription for the partner of an established patient;
  • Clarify the limitations associated with prescribing “off label” medications; and
  • Update outdated references and correct grammatical and typographical errors.

All Advanced Practice Nurses with Prescriptive Authority must review the changes.  There are some significant changes regarding supervision by physicians, educational requirements for prescriptive authority and the addition of expedited partner therapy for sexually transmitted diseases.

The deadline for public comment or to request a public hearing is December 27, 2009.

h/t to Taralynn MacKay


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