Nurses in Winkler County charged with misuse of official information

Two nurses from the Winkler County Memorial Hospital have been charged with misuse of official information, a third degree felony, over an anonymous complaint they filed with the Texas Medical Board regarding improper treatment of patients by a physician in Kermit, Texas (can’t make that name up!).  Seems like the physician got his knickers in a wad over the complaint and filed a harrassment complaint with the County Sheriff.  The County Attorney charge the nurses with the misuse of official information because there were medical records numbers attached (but no patient names!) to the complaint to the Texas Medical Board.

The Texas Medical Board has even responded to this outrageous behavior by the Winkler County Attorney by firing off letters to the County Attorney informing him that it is inappropriate to file charges against a confidnetial complainant and that the County Attorney is misreading the law.

The Texas Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association have issued a joint statement (link here) denouncing the action.

Link here for a story from the Houston Chronicle.

Link here for the local paper in Kermit, Texas and their story.

There is a defense fund for the nurses through the Texas Nurses Association.  Link here to donate to the defense fund.


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